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Player 1
#player1 Joe_Edley Joe Edley
#player2 Joshua_Sokol Joshua Sokol
>Joe_Edley: IIIII -IIIII +0 0
>Joshua_Sokol: AADEHIO H8 OHIA +14 14
>Joe_Edley: EGLRTY 11E GRE.TLY +44 44
>Joshua_Sokol: AADEEGU 12K AGUED +23 37
#note I probably didn't shake the bag well enough. Considered AGUE as well, probably should have taken the gambit
>Joe_Edley: BIOV O8 BOVI. +33 77
>Joshua_Sokol: AABCERS G8 BA +15 52
#note I was taking up a lot of time already and Edley was playing fast. I saw CABRES(T)A but couldn't convince myself it was good. I didn't see BERASCAL and didn't know ACARB(O)SE, but I just needed to convince myself of CABRESTA. CABRESTO/CABESTRO got in the way.
>Joe_Edley: FLOW M9 WOF.L +30 107
>Joshua_Sokol: ACEIORS 12A ORACIES +77 129
#note I even took too long on this rack, trying to remember the anagram of ORACIES even though pretty much nothing could have done better than this on this board
>Joe_Edley: CHU A12 .UCH +27 134
>Joshua_Sokol: AIORRST I7 RAI +17 146
#note I gave a lot of thought to 14A (C)OR as well, but this seemed to do better for the board
>Joe_Edley: AEEILNR J2 ALIENER +69 203
#note nope, I just gave him a better spot to bingo. I immediately thought RAI was a mistake, but I should have known that I missed something earlier.
>Joshua_Sokol: MNORSTY C9 MOR.Y +26 172
#note And STRAMONY to top things off. I didn't know it, and wouldn't have needed to if I had played the bingo earlier.
>Joe_Edley: ?ADEEKS 4E wEAKS.DE +84 287
>Joshua_Sokol: LNRSTTT G3 T.RT +5 177
#note gg
>Joe_Edley: AJ B10 JA. +53 340
>Joshua_Sokol: EILNNST 2A LINNETS +73 250
>Joe_Edley: FUX A1 F.UX +66 406
>Joshua_Sokol: DEENQSZ F11 ..ND +9 259
#note I considered M1 ZEDS too, which goes for (H)ENEQUIN on row 15, but I just give too much back in the process, he'll easily outrun me. I wanted him to sacrifice to block this opening, or maybe I'll hit SQUEEZE...
>Joe_Edley: AEIOP 6C OPIA.E +10 416
>Joshua_Sokol: EEMNQSZ 3L MEZE +34 293
>Joe_Edley: DOT O1 TO.D +21 437
>Joshua_Sokol: EINNQST D8 QI +25 318
#note almost did 2I Q(A)T since I knew one of WVPG was in the pool. Should have
>Joe_Edley: ?GIOPUV 13I VUG +18 455
#note -13 to L8 VOG setting up Un(Z)IP N1 (C)USPI(D) 14A
>Joshua_Sokol: ENNSTW 15F SEWN +27 345
>Joe_Edley: ?IOP 14J PsI +27 482
#note N3 (Z)IpPO, and this was just funny! He used his blank to score one point less than if he had just played PI. Math please!
>Joshua_Sokol: NT C5 T.N +4 349
>Joshua_Sokol: (O) +2 351
Player 2
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