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Player 1
#player1 Joshua_Sokol Joshua Sokol
#player2 Seth_Lipkin Seth Lipkin
>Joshua_Sokol: AACERUV 8D VACUA +28 28
#note I always love playing Seth. But this time, I was very exhausted and wanted to go 3-0 on the first night.

Seth begins with a comment about how I'm going to open vertically, aren't I.

The moment I saw that I drew an A, I immediately placed it on the center square. Then I added this to it. You're welcome
>Seth_Lipkin: HI 9G HI +20 20
>Joshua_Sokol: BEEORST D7 O.ERBETS +76 104
#note I had hoped for two E's for REE(VACUA)TE* but that isn't a word. It's REEVALUATE, you dong.
>Seth_Lipkin: AEIV F8 .AVIE +24 44
>Joshua_Sokol: ELPTTUY C3 PUTTY +37 141
>Seth_Lipkin: ELNO D2 LENO +18 62
#note This is the play where Seth lost the game. I even asked Glenn Dunlop to confirm this fact.
>Joshua_Sokol: ?AEEILX 10H LEX +29 170
#note 14D (S)EX was also a good option, but he seemed like he had tiles that worked better after sex. Probably E5 EX for 24 just to keep the L though.
>Seth_Lipkin: AEINRST 14A RET.INAS +70 132
#note lol
>Joshua_Sokol: ?AAEEIT 13G TAEnIAE +71 241
#note lucky to have hit something. Seth was quite angry with me here
>Seth_Lipkin: EEFIIMN 7H FEMINIE +71 203
#note but he still had this spot
>Joshua_Sokol: DDEGKNO 15H KENDO +54 295
>Seth_Lipkin: GRZ K5 GR.Z +28 231
>Joshua_Sokol: DEGLPUW A12 PU.D +30 325
>Joshua_Sokol: DEGLPUW -- -30 295
#note I hesitated 3 times before playing this. 3 strikes and I'm out, there's my worst move of the tournament besides BOHO
>Seth_Lipkin: DILW 12I WILD +30 261
>Joshua_Sokol: DEGLPUW A12 PU.L +27 322
>Seth_Lipkin: JMS M6 J.SM +16 277
#note totally confused by this, but I chimed "and that's how a child was born" to mask my confusion
>Joshua_Sokol: DEGINNW E3 WING +33 355
#note But he did block WIDENING. Guess he knew the only way to widen the path to victory was to narrow it beforehand. I was steaming inside from PURD, and totally pissed that I couldn't block the S-hook on FEMINIE. Wait, is there an S-hook on FEMINIE? I had to assume so. In doing this I made a mistake. WING allows for 8s from the L in LENO making OWING or AWING, whereas WIND does not.
>Seth_Lipkin: ORY 2D .ORY +18 295
>Joshua_Sokol: ADENORS 1E ROAD +32 387
#note steaming again, as he blocks LADRONES. I almost talk myself into playing SONARED*. More confident now that I have the S to hook onto FEMINIE
>Seth_Lipkin: IQ L4 QI +25 320
>Joshua_Sokol: ACEHNSU O4 CHUSE +52 439
>Joshua_Sokol: ACEHNSU -- -52 387
#note I thought FEMINIES* was good this whole time, but even if I'm unsure I should play this to make sure that the hook is invalid. Still super steamy about losing two challenges, one to a phony 4. My hope this tournament was to have a positive challenge record. Spoilers, I didn't.
>Seth_Lipkin: GOO B10 GOO +12 332
#note With the information I've given Seth, he thinks he has a shot if the last two A's are not on my rack.
>Joshua_Sokol: ACEHNSU A6 SCENA +24 411
#note NUCHA is a word that I didn't know for sure. I wanted to make sure to block this even though I didn't see anything he could have.
>Seth_Lipkin: ?ABDFRT C9 FAR +29 361
#note -15 to N9 AFT
>Joshua_Sokol: HOU 8M .HO +23 434
>Seth_Lipkin: ?BDT 14M DaB +13 374
#note not sure if he played DUB, DEB DAB or DIB.
>Joshua_Sokol: U 13C U. +8 442
>Joshua_Sokol: (T) +2 444
Player 2
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