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Player 1
#player1 Joshua_Sokol Joshua Sokol
#player2 Jeff_Cook Jeff Cook
>Joshua_Sokol: DENNORS H4 DONNERS +70 70
#note I figured this wasn't good, but that I could get away with it, since I think Jeff plays a lot of VOID challenge online, and DONNERT, DONNERD, DONNERED are words
>Jeff_Cook: EFH G3 FEH +21 21
>Joshua_Sokol: ?EGNOTW 9D TOWE.iNG +62 132
#note missing WRONGEST through the S! This is the wrongest bingo
>Jeff_Cook: BEIJ 8A JIBE +45 66
#note oops
>Joshua_Sokol: ELOTUWY F2 YOW +29 161
#note I thought OUT(H)OWL was good, but this seemed comparable so I went with what I was sure of. OUTHOWL is probably better despite it slotting a double word if Jeff has an S or any other extension.
>Jeff_Cook: AIQU 10B QUAI +38 104
>Joshua_Sokol: EILSTUX 11E LUX +26 187
>Jeff_Cook: AFO E3 OAF +26 130
>Joshua_Sokol: AEIMOST 7F AM.IOTES +65 252
#note missing MASO(N)ITE through the same N. Jeffrey Nelson totally owned me when he mentioned that I missed this. Who am I kidding, 1950?
>Jeff_Cook: ACPS D1 CAPS +49 179
>Joshua_Sokol: HIINRRT 8L HINT +44 296
>Jeff_Cook: GIP 6J GIP +27 206
>Joshua_Sokol: EIIRRVV 2A VIV. +20 316
#note I had just learned VIVERRID, too bad I couldn't utilize that fresh knowledge. K9 (G)IVER is the other option, to get rid of a pesky lane on column 12 but at the same time create a few more that are easier to deal with but much easier to hit. I didn't play LUX to have to block it later on, so I'm happy with my decision here. VIR sucks anyway
>Jeff_Cook: DEOTU B10 .UOTED +32 238
>Joshua_Sokol: BEEGIRR A12 GIBE +47 363
#note good thing I ddin't play GIVER last turn! It helps to stay balanced
>Jeff_Cook: AY 12D AY +17 255
#note Jeff had been playing pretty fast, but this turn sucked up all the extra time he had banked until now. We were now both at around 16:30 on our clocks. I would have had less time if I felt like Jeff wasn't trying to play quickly, but I didn't want to spend too much time on marginal decisions and lose out in the pre-endgame.
>Joshua_Sokol: AEINNRR O1 INERRAN. +77 440
#note it's as if he knew what was coming but couldn't stop it
>Jeff_Cook: EIL A1 E.IL +24 279
>Joshua_Sokol: CDEOOSU N2 UDO +17 457
#note nothing here seemed particularly nice, but Quackle suggests I play offense with 12G UDO. Not a chance after Jeff has been scrabbling towards a bingo all game.
>Jeff_Cook: Z F6 Z. +31 310
>Joshua_Sokol: ACEEOST M3 OCA +23 480
#note Unfortunate to have to eschew the bingo at this stage, for fear of a 3x3 to end all 3x3s on Jeff's part. He has a 35% chance at a bingo with a random rack next turn, which is therefore probably more like a 60% chance considering everything. He averages almost 100 points next turn, but more like 30 after my play. There is no way playing NOTECASE is correct.

Good thing I didn't have to consider succumbing to greed or not in the game itself... 3 top 5000 misses in two games, welcome back Josh!
>Jeff_Cook: ?AADLMR 7B LAM +19 329
>Joshua_Sokol: ADEEKST N8 .AKEDEST +96 576
#note let me know what you think in the comments section below! Insanely good? Insanely lucky? There is no in between!
>Joshua_Sokol: (?ELRRRT) +12 588
Player 2
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