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Player 1
#player1 Sal_Piro Sal Piro
#player2 Joshua_Sokol Joshua Sokol
>Sal_Piro: BHOO 8G HOBO +18 18
>Joshua_Sokol: AENOOST 9G ONO +18 18
#note O(H)O is 10 fewer but much fishier, I'll gladly not fish too hard on my first game of Lake George
>Sal_Piro: EILPTU 10I PLUTEI +19 37
>Joshua_Sokol: AENRSTV K2 TAVERNS +80 98
#note RAV(E)NEST and VET(E)RANS are two more, but give Sal an easy spot to score in. He has a random rack, so I'll gladly sacrifice the two points here.
>Sal_Piro: COWY 10D COWY +29 66
#note this is more at 7E, but I didn't notice this in-game. Lucky because that is the type of thing that throws me off my game if Sal ends up coming back
>Joshua_Sokol: ADGLMNZ M6 GLAZ.D +28 126
#note I gave a lot of though into E6 MANG(O)LD to keep the Z, but I don't think I considered 7E GLAM that much. It scores 24 and seizes around 1/4 of the board. Sal can still play from or through the C, which would reopen the board, however. Still, it's a good immediate option for me. My problem is that it keeps three consonants, but that's not a huge deal at this stage of the game. I realized that my play only blocked the bottom right of the board, but didn't really do much to reduce Sal's chances at striking next turn, as there is already an E open to play through in TAVERNS. I liked the long-term benefits of this sort of play, but GLAM probably accomplishes a bit more in the immediate future. It also blocks the R, which is a plus.
>Sal_Piro: QT 3J Q.T +12 78
>Joshua_Sokol: HIIMNTU D8 MU.IN +24 150
#note I liked this play even less than GLAZ(E)D. It accomplished just about nothing for the board, all it did was score and leave well. I should probably just play 11K HI(D) despite it keeping the U and not going further into the bag for stuff to score more with.
>Sal_Piro: EFL 11C L.FE +29 107
#note I blocked a better play through the C, according to Sal.
>Joshua_Sokol: HIIIRTV H4 VIRI.. +13 163
#note I can still play HI(D) here, and that blocks the lane Sal just created. Once again I think it's a better play, but I chose to block 8s through the E (he seems consonant-heavy) instead and sacrifice big points for a better leave.
>Sal_Piro: EORW 4K .OWER +28 135
>Joshua_Sokol: ?DHIMOT 5B IsTHMO.D +76 239
#note 12F eTHMOID. Didn't see it, and not sure I would have played it. I spent a long time making sure I didn't have something through the R, because at this point I am losing almost exclusively to triple-triples. My biggest mistake of the game, but at least I found a bingo.
>Sal_Piro: DEEIN O4 .EINED +21 156
#note I held this briefly because people keep playing UNREINED#
>Joshua_Sokol: AACEGRT 8A GRA.A +24 263
#note Quackle prefers REG(M)A here, but that allows for more bingos, putting the R in the A column instead of the G. The leave is just that much better according to the machine, as I hit more 30-point plays on column B next turn. I'll take GRA(M)A any and every day. I saw AGAR(I)C but no need to throw the game up in the air and open a triple-triple.
>Sal_Piro: IIIOUU -IIIOUU +0 156
>Joshua_Sokol: ACELRST 13A CRESTAL +80 343
>Sal_Piro: ?EGKNSY C2 KEY. +20 176
>Joshua_Sokol: AAFIITX 14E IXIA +56 399
#note I would normally just play FA(C)IA here, but I had a tell that Sal didn't have something big here. Good to get rid of all the lanes in that case.
>Sal_Piro: BEEP 15H BEEP +36 212
>Joshua_Sokol: AADFOST A11 FA.TA +33 432
#note Quackle says 15A TOADS. Weird, I guess I should keep a scoring tile, the S is pretty useless apparently and less flexible, but I'm not sure Sal is doing what Quackle expects him to do (fish one tile off or open a big scoring spot)
>Sal_Piro: EU 2B U.E +14 226
#note Quackle was right!
>Joshua_Sokol: ADJORSS 1D DROSS +29 461
>Sal_Piro: ?EGINNU A1 GNU +20 246
#note -8 to 14J NUkING
>Joshua_Sokol: AJ B8 .AJ +26 487
>Joshua_Sokol: (EIN?) +6 493
Player 2
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