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Player 1
#player1 Joey Joey
#player2 Joshua Joshua
>Joey: GPSTUVW 8G GUV +14 14
>Joshua: DEEFHIM 9F HIM +17 17
>Joey: APSTTVW E9 WATT +26 40
>Joshua: DEEEFRS J2 FEEDERS +79 96
>Joey: AGOPRSV 12A GAVO. +22 62
>Joshua: IILNOOQ A7 LOOIN. +21 117
#note setting up QI is best here, unless I have x-ray vision.
>Joey: AIPRSTZ B6 ZIP +40 102
>Joshua: IILOQSW I1 QI +16 133
#note I guess I should attempt to set my Q up again with C12 (V)OW. That's cute, wish I would have thought about it more. I just didn't equate keeping either the W on my rack with the Q or two I's and so figured no setup would be worth it. I need to think outside of the box with the Q.
>Joey: AADNRST 5C STANDAR. +70 172
#note Better defensively than the other placement. Not too worried about the S hook here.
>Joshua: DILOOSW 6E WOOD +25 158
>Joey: AEGKLNY 4H GE.KY +39 211
>Joshua: AILSSTU 1G SU. +36 194
>Joey: AILNRUX 4A URIAL +24 235
>Joshua: AILLRST B12 .LL +6 200
#note This was too desperate. I should play 3B ALL, I have a good shot at a bingo anyway.
>Joey: ?AIMNOX 3B OX +40 275
>Joshua: AEIRSTT 15B STRIATE +78 278
>Joey: ?AEIMNO 14E AMIdONE +81 356
>Joshua: DEEINOY 13G DOYEN +36 314
>Joey: ?BEEEER 11E .EREBEnE +68 424
>Joshua: ABEHITU 10J HUB +34 348
#note pity I can't go for PIT(IF)ULLER 2F
>Joey: CCFJNPR B2 C.. +10 434
#note I know I have a J spot now, but I have so much other dreck to shed, and he can't block it too effectively.
>Joshua: AAEIINT K9 T.. +2 350
#note first, J-stick. I actually am better off trying to go out very fast here.
>Joey: CFJNPR A3 C.P +19 453
>Joshua: AAEIIN 5C ........IAN +43 393
>Joshua: AAEIIN -- -43 350
#note I didn't think he would play (BE)N next turn and block DOYENNE. This lost me a bunch of spread as well, I thought it was a free opportunity to try something.
>Joey: FJNR L10 ..N +10 463
>Joshua: AAEIIN 10E .A +12 362
>Joey: FJR 10A .F +13 476
>Joshua: AEIIN 14B .I +4 366
>Joey: JR H11 .R... +5 481
>Joshua: AEIN G1 .I +2 368
>Joey: J - +0 481
>Joshua: AEN 8A ..A +5 373
>Joey: J - +0 481
>Joshua: EN 7A ..N +7 380
>Joey: J - +0 481
>Joshua: E H3 E... +6 386
>Joshua: (J) +16 402
Player 2
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