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Player 1
#player1 Rob Rob
#player2 Prashanth Prashanth
>Rob: ACFITTU -FTU +0 0
#note I must have underestimated the defensive value of FUCI, but honestly I don't even remember considering it. Feels like a weird miss.
>Prashanth: NOW 8G WON +12 12
>Rob: ACIILTT J6 CIT +18 18
>Prashanth: EIJNN 9C JINNE +27 39
>Rob: AAILORT E4 RATIO.AL +82 100
>Prashanth: ?DEESSS 4D D.ESSErS +68 107
>Rob: ?ABFIUX 3I FAUX +30 130
#note This is a really sloppy game for me, it seems. I saw the possibility of FABLIAUX through the A that didn't quite fit, but didn't recognize that the L was available!
>Prashanth: BEIR C9 .IBER +28 135
>Rob: ?ABEIOT 2J BOATIE +50 180
#note I talked in my Game 1 analysis that I was looking to amass as much spread as possible early on in this tournament, but this is probably a little too aggressive. As high reward as this play can be, the risks are potentially game losing. Taking the bingo is probably better...especially if you can find the not-so-easy option!
>Prashanth: EFG 1L FEG +33 168
>Rob: ?CNOUUV 6A UNCU. +9 189
#note 13B VROU looks like a better way to fight through this rack. CNU? isn't as terrible as it looks.
>Prashanth: IMNOPY O2 .PINOMY +45 213
>Prashanth: IMNOPY -- -45 168
>Rob: ?ALOOVY 9I YO +24 213
#note Quackle agrees that cashing in O1 isn't worth it yet. It does offer the interesting option of B13 AVO, which sims right behind this.
>Prashanth: IMNOPY A5 P.NY +27 195
>Rob: ?AKLNOV 1G VOLK +42 255
#note Still not worth cashing in the hook.
>Prashanth: MMO B10 MOM +31 226
>Rob: ?AADGNW A12 ADAW +33 288
#note Quackle still agrees on ignoring the hook.
>Prashanth: ILPT 6J .LIPT +11 237
>Rob: ?ADGNOS D8 D.NOS +45 333
#note After 3000 iterations on 4-ply sim, this comes out slightly ahead of O1 SEGO and SEND, as well as the available bingos. However, there is barely a half percent difference in winning percentage according to Quackle.
>Prashanth: AAEILRV M6 .REAVAIL +80 317
>Prashanth: AAEILRV -- -80 237
>Rob: ?AGIOQR 3C QI +25 358
>Prashanth: AAEILRV 2D LAV +18 255
>Rob: ?AGHORU 1A ROUGH +46 404
>Prashanth: AEIR B14 RE +13 268
>Rob: ?AEHIRT M6 .HREATIc +84 488
#note I never even looked for the nine - it's eminently findable!
>Prashanth: AEEEGIR 11I GREA. +12 280
>Rob: DETZ 12L D.TZ +54 542
>Prashanth: EEI O12 .EE +12 292
>Rob: E 10B ....E +13 555
>Rob: (I) +2 557
Player 2
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