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Player 1
#player1 Prashanth Prashanth
#player2 Rob Rob
>Prashanth: PUY 8G YUP +16 16
>Rob: ANORTTW 7H NOWT +15 15
#note Nothing like a nice easy rack to start a tournament. Quackle prefers maximizing the leave with TOW or WOT, but I assumed that Prashanth's leave was quite strong so I wanted to complicate his next play as much as I could. I chose to go with NOWT to try to maximize my ability to play through his play, especially if he didn't hit and plays on Row 8.
>Prashanth: ADENO 8K ANODE +23 39
#note I didn't exactly expect to see exactly what I expected!
>Rob: AAAIRRT 9F AARTI +22 37
#note Seems best, despite the double hotspots.
>Prashanth: AFGLRU 10J FRUGAL +33 72
>Rob: AHIKRST 10D TAHR +34 71
#note Not a very good play, really. I couldn't come up with LAKISH over the board, which is the clear sim winner. I played TAHR knowing that I was setting up SIK at a minimum for next turn, but that's not enough of a justification for this play - if I'm going to retain the S, I should do so with KITH to maximize its power.
>Prashanth: IIIIII -IIIIII +0 72
>Rob: ?CEIKPS D5 kICKS.EP +90 161
>Rob: ?CEIKPS -- -90 71
#note I thought this was good!
>Prashanth: ABW 7M WAB +28 100
>Rob: ?CEIKPS D6 SKEP.ICs +82 153
#note PRICKETS is the play I was looking for, but failed to find.
>Prashanth: AEENOST 12C A.ETONES +61 161
>Rob: ?DFHJRV 11C D.V +29 182
>Prashanth: EIOU E4 EUOI +16 177
>Rob: ?EFHJNR 8A JEF. +42 224
>Prashanth: CIIST O10 .ICITS +33 210
>Prashanth: CIIST -- -33 177
>Rob: ?DHNRTV 6L NTH +35 259
#note I had a lot of situational luck this tournament. Even when my racks were imbalanced and clunky, they often still scored in bunches. My opponents weren't nearly so lucky.
>Prashanth: CGIIST 11L TIG +12 189
>Rob: ?DDEGRV 4B DiV.RGED +78 337
#note Even with my earlier mistakes, the game has swung far in my favor. I am happy to sacrifice the two points here to make sure that Prashanth doesn't have an open E to work with, given that I know he's sitting on an S.
>Prashanth: CIISXY H12 .IXY +42 231
>Rob: AEEILOO 5H LOOIE +17 354
>Prashanth: CILNS 13G N.L +11 242
>Rob: AEIMNOR 4K AMNIO +28 382
#note The sim is noisy here, but it appears to confirm my assessment that AMNIO minimizes the next turns' scores for both players, which is exactly what I am going for.
>Prashanth: CIS G2 CI. +7 249
>Rob: AEMORUZ 14F ZE. +42 424
#note Quackle prefers emptying the bag to play ROUM 3K on a many-ply sim - I assume it is determining that there are no available bingos for Prashanth to hit if I block off the C to that extent.
>Prashanth: EEILRSS 2B RESLI.ES +74 323
>Prashanth: EEILRSS -- -74 249
>Rob: ABEMORU O3 M. +4 428
#note Prashanth was pretty frustrated at this point, given his poor draws and then the CEEILRSS airball. Given that knowledge, I estimated that there was a significant chance this gambit would succeed.
>Prashanth: EEILRSS 2E RI.ELESS +64 313
>Prashanth: EEILRSS -- -64 249
>Rob: ABEOQRU 2I BAROQUE +95 523
#note The gambit worked, but I didn't expect it to come on the heels of another frustration bingo attempt...
>Rob: (EEILRSS) +14 537
Player 2
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