Game Details
Player 1
#player1 BJ BJ
#player2 Amit_C Amit C
>BJ: ?AEENYZ 8G YEZ +30 30
>Amit_C: DHIOY F6 HYOID +40 40
>BJ: ?AAELNN 9I ALANiNE +69 99
#note Saw ANNALIZE but had doubts. ALANINE sims worse than a bunch of others because triple-triple likelihood is higher.
>Amit_C: AMNOPST 11D POSTMAN +85 125
>Amit_C: BBEGITU (challenge) +5 130
>Amit_C: BBEGITU 12I BUGBITE +82 212
>Amit_C: BBEGITU -- -82 130
>BJ: AAEEIMO 10K IO +15 190
#note Missed a bunch of better stuff, such as H11 MAMIE for 30.
>Amit_C: BBEGITU E5 BUB +26 156
>BJ: AAEEMUV 12H MAUVE +39 229
>Amit_C: EGIORTW 12A WORE +30 186
>BJ: ADEEENQ A12 .EEN +21 250
#note Didn't remember ENDEW. WEEN is #2.
>Amit_C: GIINRW O8 ..WIRING +39 225
>BJ: ADEEOPQ D4 DOPA +34 284
#note #2 after B10 POOED.
>Amit_C: AAEIRST 14H SEATRAI. +70 295
>BJ: CEELQTV 13N Q. +22 306
#note I forgot about the stupid ST *again*.
>Amit_C: GILTU 15D GUILT +30 325
>BJ: CEELOTV 13C ELECT +25 331
#note Did not know CLOTE (B10), did not think of B11 VOLTE.
>Amit_C: DFI C3 DIF +25 350
>BJ: AFGLNOV B1 VLOG +24 355
#note Q likes C7 GOLF and GOV and also B2 GOV way more than my play. I guess because I'm opening the bingo lane? Not sure.
>Amit_C: CIST 8A TICS +30 380
>BJ: AAFHNSX B7 F.SH +18 373
#note Massive negative valuation no matter what I do here. I was flummoxed. B6 FAIX for 22 is Champ's pick by far.
>Amit_C: RU M11 UR +13 393
>BJ: ?AAENTX 1B .EXT +22 395
#note Didn't think of G3 EXTAsY for 33, but that would lose by a few points anyway after Amit plays TRIODE. I didn't see his H3 OREIDE outplay either. Guess at this point there was no winning, I would have had to have made a different choice on the previous turn.
>Amit_C: DEIOR H3 OREID. +8 401
>Amit_C: (AAN?) +6 407
Player 2
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