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Player 1
#player1 holey_ant holey ant
#player2 sneakyofverb sneakyofverb
>holey_ant: AAELNPR 8D PREANAL +74 74
>sneakyofverb: AEINOST E4 SENO.ITA +82 82
>holey_ant: EFGGIIS D3 GIF +23 97
#note 4c FI(S)GIG is cute. GIF ain't bad.
>sneakyofverb: AELNTVW C2 VAW +30 112
#note there may be the temptation to play g7 VAW, but i'll take the extra 13 with a not-awful leave any day.
>holey_ant: EGHIQSU 11C QU.IGHES +71 168
>holey_ant: EGHIQSU -- -71 97
#note QUAICHS also has QUAICHES, but QUAIGHS doesn't work the same way. what a language.
>sneakyofverb: CEELNTU G3 NUCLE.TE +63 175
#note yes, i'm quite aware what letter goes in front...
>holey_ant: EGHIQSU 11G SQUEG +41 138
>holey_ant: EGHINOR (challenge) +5 143
#note ...although i’m not sure about what back hooks are legit. 2000-rated player, as if.
>sneakyofverb: DILMOPU H11 .UIPO +51 226
>holey_ant: EGHINOR 10I OH +28 171
#note there's COHERING. and if you've gone deep enough into the 9s and want to earn style points, then RHIGO(L)EN(E) is your play.
>sneakyofverb: DEEIILM H1 IDEM +39 265
>holey_ant: EGINRVY B3 VYING +31 202
#note le canard really wants tony to play 10e TYE. that makes enough sense, but grabbing 31 and holding ER while down 94 looks too good to pass up.
>sneakyofverb: ?AEILRW L5 WAILERs +75 340
#note (D)RAWLIEr isn't worth the extra point. unless you’re really into masochism.
>holey_ant: ?DDEIRX 9K D.X +19 221
#note 2f XED. yup, there's that front hook.
>sneakyofverb: ABCKOOT 8L .OCK +39 379
#note dammit, why couldn't he have given me an open J?!?
>holey_ant: ?ADEHIR A5 HEADIeR +90 311
#note or HEADRIg, with the latter better defensively. and hey, quacky, stop trying to tempt us with the other two 90-pointers starting at 2h.
>sneakyofverb: ABMORTT K3 BRAT +24 403
#note oh, c'mon, how did i miss k4 TOMB?!? meh, at least this blocks another line.
>holey_ant: DEEORSY J4 OY +16 327
#note EYEDROPS. hard to see.
>sneakyofverb: IILMOST G13 MOI +21 424
#note cp says m2 MOILS has the top winning percentage (99.09%), but MOI isn't far behind (97.12%). and MOILS only knocks out two lanes, while MOI covers three.
>holey_ant: DEEEFRS B10 FEEDS +48 375
#note start one spot higher, use all your tiles, score 38 more.
>sneakyofverb: IJLNRST M3 JILT +35 459
#note pretty automatic. save brain power. scrabble good.
>holey_ant: ABEEORT F13 AB +28 403
#note there goes any possibility of OUTBREA(K). phew.
>sneakyofverb: ANNRSTZ 7I ZA +44 503
#note cp once again shows off its artificial intelligence by finding the optimal endgame sequence with n2 NANS and j10 HERTZ (or 1g RITZ). bravo.
>holey_ant: EEOORTU D8 .OUTER +22 425
>sneakyofverb: NNRST I10 ..RS +14 517
#note n5 ST for 21. learn to play this game properly, dummy.
>holey_ant: EO 10L .OE +15 440
#note ~FIN~
>holey_ant: (NNT) +6 446
Player 2
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