Game Details
Player 1
#player1 cesar cesar
#player2 wayne_b wayne b
>cesar: HNOQRVV -HQVV +0 0
>wayne_b: AEG 8H AGE +8 8
>cesar: AEINOOR 7H NAOI +13 13
#note K4 OORIE or 9G ONO sim a little better; i don't know about OORIE but ONO is probably ok.
>wayne_b: IQ 6K QI +22 30
>cesar: BEORRRT 5L BRR +9 22
>wayne_b: DEILR O1 LIDER +27 57
>wayne_b: DEILR -- -27 30
>cesar: DEKORST O3 STROKED +95 117
>wayne_b: DI 3M DI. +8 38
>cesar: ?EEFNXY N2 F.E.Y +53 170
>wayne_b: J I6 J.. +11 49
>cesar: ?BEENUX N9 EXEUNt +59 229
#note maybe just EX, but it's nice to score a lot. i think i would normally do EX but i played this tournament slightly differently in various places.
>wayne_b: ILW 11K WIL. +14 63
>cesar: BCDEINT L8 CEB.D +26 255
#note maybe bidet 12H, but not sure. (or CITED, actually)
>wayne_b: EEL O13 EEL +12 75
>cesar: AILNORT 4G LATINO +24 279
#note i wrote down NATROLITE and chickened out on it!! ugh!!
>wayne_b: NO 10J NO. +12 87
>cesar: ?AILRUV 3B VIRtUAL +75 354
#note i missed another 9! (NA)VIcULAR! I suck!
>wayne_b: AADERST C2 A.RDATES +61 148
>cesar: FGGMSYZ 6B F.GGY +29 383
>wayne_b: HU H1 HU.. +21 169
>cesar: AAEIMSZ B9 AMAZES +48 431
>wayne_b: ANW C11 WAN +32 201
>cesar: EIIMOOR A8 OMER +33 464
#note yeah, MOI or ZAIRE or GOOIER should be better at increasing spread.
>wayne_b: PTU A13 PUT +22 223
>cesar: CEIINOP D1 CI.E +24 488
>wayne_b: HIOSTTV 9E TOTHS +29 252
#note UGH. i held on this play but that doesn't matter if i don't challenge.
>cesar: INOOP 10D NIP +23 511
#note miscalculated, ZAP is better by a point.
>wayne_b: IV 5A VI. +12 264
>wayne_b: (OO) +4 268
Player 2
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