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Player 1
#player1 log_amanda log amanda
#player2 sneakyofverb sneakyofverb
>log_amanda: ADQU 8F QUAD +28 28
#note assuming he didn't have an S. or perhaps i broke his brain in our first game?
>sneakyofverb: AAEGHNP 9G HAEN +27 27
#note HEAP is way better, even if it is hookable*.
>log_amanda: BNNU 10I BUNN +18 46
>sneakyofverb: AGIJLPS L8 JI.GAL +44 71
>log_amanda: AIO 8L .IAO +33 79
>sneakyofverb: AEEHPST 7M HE +20 91
#note took a while making my decision, starting with double and triple-checking that the bingos with the available letters didn't fit. creating a massive Z-spot may not be recommended, but i liked the leave and the passable score. sure, the two tiles i draw may not help. but that's what could happen EVERY TIME you put your hand in the bag. fwiw, cp suggests tacking on the P for 27 or maxing out with 14j HASTE.
>log_amanda: EILV 14K VLEI +29 108
>sneakyofverb: AEMOPST O7 P.MATOES +79 170
#note you say potatoes, i say tomatoes...let's leave this bingo on.
>log_amanda: ?EGIOOS E5 GOOSIEr +93 201
#note fact: geese and ducks don't really get along. also, i hate it when adam scores 93.
>sneakyofverb: ?EEEIMO N10 ME +22 192
#note as i wasn't 10000% sure MEE was acceptable, i took the points elsewhere. yeah, i know, leaving myself with no consonants doesn't help. trust me, the blank cures everything...
>log_amanda: FPRS 6C PR.FS +18 219
#note there should be an available - and voluntary - consonant-vowel exchange program during games. it would be so...terrible.
>sneakyofverb: ?EEIORV 5G EROsIVE +70 262
#note see, told you it would work out. and the possibility of 6l CAZ/SAZ/WAZ has now been neutralized.
>log_amanda: BGNU D10 BUNG +19 238
>sneakyofverb: AACIOTT C8 ATOCIA +35 297
#note i love it when i can remember words that fit perfectly and that i will never use in conversation.
>log_amanda: Z N6 Z.. +32 270
>sneakyofverb: CLRTTXY 11J TY. +27 324
#note championship player points out n10 (ME)TR(I)C for 14. i'd say 'nice find', but it's a freakin' computer. and TYG is fine.
>log_amanda: NWY B12 WYN +31 301
#note sure, go ahead and score a nice chunk while opening two new lanes.
>sneakyofverb: CIKLRTX F11 LICK +25 349
#note taking out the more dangerous line (with three Ds unseen), although i'm creating an S-hook. and retaining the T for the other hotspot.
>log_amanda: FRT K3 FR.T +7 308
#note i think i may have asked adam after what his other tiles were, but i can't remember. i'm gonna assume they were english letters.
>sneakyofverb: ADERRTX 2J RAXED +38 387
#note before FRIT, i was probably gonna go with a8 DERAT. but circumstances have changed and i figured it would be best to stretch the lead to 79.
>log_amanda: DELO H1 OLDE. +21 329
#note since no lanes for 8s are available, might as well create a couple.
>sneakyofverb: ADEIORT 15A ADORE +32 419
#note with one in the bag, i looked through all possibilities and saw the only potential bingo was 15c NUTSIER. took the 32, so even if i overlooked something up top, i'd still win.
>log_amanda: EINRSTW 3K .IN +25 354
>sneakyofverb: ITU M12 TI. +12 431
#note highest score available, but i really should be going with a11 IT/UT for one less...
>log_amanda: ERSTW A8 WREST +35 389
#note ...i am such a dolt. saw STREW/TREWS but completely missed this. hope spread doesn't come into play later on.
>log_amanda: (U) +2 391
Player 2
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