Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Mack_Meller Mack Meller
#player2 Bnjy Bnjy
>Mack_Meller: AAAIILL H4 AALII +12 12
>Bnjy: HIOOPTT G7 PHOTO +26 26
#note Couldn't remember if it was hotpot or hottop. This is fine anyways.
>Mack_Meller: AILUUVX 5D UVUL. +16 28
#note Guaranteeing a good X play at either 4D or I7 next turn.
>Bnjy: AEINNRT 11E AN.INTER +82 108
#note Oh wow TRANNIE I4.
>Mack_Meller: AEFFHIX 12A AFFIX +47 75
>Bnjy: ACDEGIU A10 GU.IAC +27 135
#note Quackle doesn't see much of a difference between the 2 GUAIAC's.
>Mack_Meller: EEHLMNT 4A HELM +34 109
>Bnjy: BDEORSS K5 BEDSOR.S +72 207
#note I was too tired to decide whether I was making up desorbs.
>Mack_Meller: ?CEGNST A1 ETC.iNGS +167 276
#note <.>
>Bnjy: AAEEJMV L2 JAVA +32 239
#note J2 is 2 more.
>Mack_Meller: AENRRSZ H11 .ZARS +72 348
>Bnjy: DEEEMOR J4 DOME +31 270
#note I'm glad Mack blocked COREDEEM because i never would've seen it.
>Mack_Meller: NOOW 8K .WOON +36 384
>Bnjy: EEORTUY 2A .ROUTY +34 304
>Mack_Meller: IQ I3 QI +25 409
>Bnjy: ?AEEEOT 2L .OE +20 324
#note A(J)EE is better. So many e's still out.
>Mack_Meller: EKN I7 KEN +36 445
>Bnjy: ?ADEERT 1E EARThED +78 402
>Mack_Meller: ELWY O1 WYLE +47 492
#note #Scoringneverstops
>Bnjy: BEEGIIP 9M PIE +19 421
#note BEIGER is 7 better.
>Mack_Meller: DINRT C12 .IND +16 508
#note I correctly calculated this was better than DRIFT, but thought it was only 1 better, not 2, since I missed C1 ROTL.
>Bnjy: BEGI M1 G.B +20 441
>Mack_Meller: RT M6 TR.. +7 515
>Mack_Meller: (EI) +4 519
Player 2
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