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Player 1
#player1 Andrew_Fisher Andrew Fisher
#player2 Trevor_Halsall Trevor Halsall
>Andrew_Fisher: AEEIPRS 8C APERIES +74 74
>Trevor_Halsall: ?ADEMTW F6 WA.DMoTE +77 77
#note A couple of 4-timers available
>Andrew_Fisher: DEGKLRS 13C GLE.K +30 104
#note Yep, I missed GRAPERIES which sims best, and indeed DRAPERIES
>Trevor_Halsall: BFOU E3 BUFO +23 100
>Andrew_Fisher: DGGORST D1 GROG +26 130
#note Ditto. Also GOD D4 is probably better than GROG
>Trevor_Halsall: IMNY 1A MIN.Y +33 133
>Andrew_Fisher: AACDOST 14B COATS +41 171
>Trevor_Halsall: LOV D11 OL..V +24 157
>Andrew_Fisher: ADDEILO C1 .OD +22 193
#note Clear choice with the floating S (and six Ns to come for NAPERIES). Runner-up is DILDOE 9C
>Trevor_Halsall: EFHIT 9H THIEF +26 183
>Andrew_Fisher: ADEILUX E10 AX +40 233
#note Drat, no sense in keeping the U (EAUX E8)
>Trevor_Halsall: DENNPT K5 PEND.NT +40 223
>Andrew_Fisher: ADEILUZ 7A LUZ +43 276
#note This is fine, but Quackle points out a 22-point play which sims better. That's the cunning AUDILE L2, setting up ZEL plays with A or O draw. Didn't see it, not sure I would have gone for it anyway, but it's a good learning point
>Trevor_Halsall: EIRVW L2 WIVER +28 251
>Andrew_Fisher: ?AADEEI 2I DEA.IE +24 300
#note AEDILE (A3) comes out a little better, but I see no harm in having two nice floaters with a blank in hand
>Trevor_Halsall: ILNY 1H LINY +31 282
>Andrew_Fisher: ?AAAEHR J5 AHA +35 335
>Trevor_Halsall: CEIINOS M8 ISOTRON +79 361
>Trevor_Halsall: CEIINOS -- -79 282
>Andrew_Fisher: ?AEERRU 11H URE.ERAl +57 392
#note ERASURE scores more but of course would give a bingo back
>Trevor_Halsall: INOORST G5 ON +8 290
>Andrew_Fisher: BEIJOQS H4 QI +23 415
#note Giving a chance at things like JABOT (maybe should have spent the S at this point too). BASIJ is also available but makes the Q a bit of a problem - however Quackle rates it as a 100% win
>Trevor_Halsall: AINORST O6 TONSI.AR +74 364
>Andrew_Fisher: BCEIJOS A5 JO.ES +36 451
>Trevor_Halsall: TU N6 UT +10 374
>Trevor_Halsall: (BCI) +14 388
Player 2
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