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Player 1
#player1 Trevor_Halsall Trevor Halsall
#player2 Andrew_Fisher Andrew Fisher
>Trevor_Halsall: ?CEERSW -CEE +0 0
>Andrew_Fisher: AEEJOTW 8G JEW +26 26
>Trevor_Halsall: DEISZ J8 SIZED +49 49
>Andrew_Fisher: AEHORTU 12C AUTHORE. +76 102
>Trevor_Halsall: ?DIIRST E5 DIRTIeS. +82 131
>Andrew_Fisher: CGLMNOX 13A COX +42 144
#note Tough call, with 51 on offer for OX F9 and NOX K9. These do end up simming a little better, but I am more comfortable with the four-consonant keep. Worth a look is COMIX 6B (GLN)
>Trevor_Halsall: EFIKN F3 KNIFE +38 169
>Andrew_Fisher: AEGHLMN 14B HEMAL +44 188
#note Again a few choices - HEM or MEH in a few places keeping AGLN, MANCHE or MACHE, or this...pretty close but this seems best
>Trevor_Halsall: DIOOPRS 15D ATOPE +33 202
>Trevor_Halsall: DIOOPRS -- -33 169
>Andrew_Fisher: AGINNVW 15E WAVING +46 234
#note Lucky to get this opportunity
>Trevor_Halsall: OOT K9 OOT +23 192
>Andrew_Fisher: CEFINOY 3C CON.Y +36 270
#note Main alternatives are FOH F10 (not that keen on CEINY), and FECIT 8A. Quackle spots the fun FECKIN, but CONKY sims best
>Trevor_Halsall: ABEP 8A BEPA. +30 222
>Andrew_Fisher: AEEEFIL 13G FEE +25 295
>Trevor_Halsall: BDLNNQU -BUDLN +0 222
>Andrew_Fisher: ADEILLU L10 LAUD +25 320
#note Damn, DUALLIE won't play. Here Quackle prefers LALDIE for the extra points - not convinced
>Trevor_Halsall: ENO 9A ONE +15 237
>Andrew_Fisher: AEILOTU A7 A..ULI. +12 332
#note Not much available, except that I missed OUTSIZED which is best. I wasn't that happy about the prospect of drawing Q after dumping U/I/A, but it wasn't a big risk and this sims well
>Trevor_Halsall: ER J6 RE..... +19 256
>Andrew_Fisher: EGOPSTT M8 GEST +23 355
#note Full-on blocking mode. Bingo from K1 a tad unlikely, right?
>Trevor_Halsall: ADEGINR K1 GRAINED +73 329
>Andrew_Fisher: ALOPSTY 1K .YPOS +45 400
#note Fine, though Quackle slightly favours OTALGY 1G and PRATY 2J for the board control
>Trevor_Halsall: ?IMOQRV D1 OM.V +20 349
#note Actual rack - nice choice, giving opportunities in other sectors (Q says about 6% wins)
>Andrew_Fisher: ABLNRTU 4H BRU.N +20 420
#note Aiming to block QUAIR etc
>Trevor_Halsall: ?AIIQRT N6 QuIT +37 386
>Andrew_Fisher: ALT 1A ALT. +12 432
>Andrew_Fisher: (AIR) +6 438
Player 2
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