Game Details
Player 1
#player1 Andrew_Fisher Andrew Fisher
#player2 Trevor_Halsall Trevor Halsall
>Andrew_Fisher: ?AEGORS 8H OaRAGES +68 68
#note Trevor favours a controlled, somewhat closed board. This choice makes it very easy to colonise all quarters
>Trevor_Halsall: ELNNOST 9L ON +9 9
#note Actual rack - seems a fair choice
>Andrew_Fisher: AAADEIU 9G AUA +9 77
>Trevor_Halsall: ELNSTV K5 LEV.NTS +43 52
>Andrew_Fisher: ADEEITU 11D AUDITEE. +68 145
>Trevor_Halsall: CIKR H11 .RICK +36 88
>Andrew_Fisher: ?CORTVX 12B VOX +44 189
>Trevor_Halsall: EHMP 13C HEMP +42 130
>Andrew_Fisher: ?CRRTUY M4 CURR..TlY +64 253
>Trevor_Halsall: ELNO 14B NOLE +29 159
>Andrew_Fisher: AFGIOOR L12 FIGO +34 287
#note Now that I want to control the board, this is perfect - leaving just the central north as a threat
>Trevor_Halsall: AINZ 14J ZI.AN +70 229
>Andrew_Fisher: ABEEIOR 15L .BOE +24 311
#note Ouch for ZIGAN
>Trevor_Halsall: AAI 4L A.AI +14 243
>Andrew_Fisher: AEHINRW J4 HAW +32 343
#note Plays with ANOLE also good, but slotting at J4 means the only hook is for an S - Trevor later told me he would have had LIRIOPE 3F
>Trevor_Halsall: EIILOPR F7 LIPI. +16 259
#note LIPID is a pretty good way of developing the board
>Andrew_Fisher: EIJMNOR E3 OJIME +30 373
#note Clogs things up quite nicely
>Trevor_Halsall: DORT O1 DRO.T +18 277
>Andrew_Fisher: ADENRSY L3 Y. +5 378
#note Cheeky fish - other options are the highest-scoring YARDER 2J (also YARNER), and the surprising DECURRENTLY
>Trevor_Halsall: DEFL 4D F.ELD +36 313
>Andrew_Fisher: ABDENRS 2G BANDERS +70 448
>Trevor_Halsall: EEGSTUW 13K T. +4 317
#note Low on time, Trevor blocked the QI spot...
>Andrew_Fisher: INQT H1 Q.I. +42 490
>Trevor_Halsall: EEGSUW 8E S. +17 334
>Andrew_Fisher: NT K1 T.N +8 498
>Andrew_Fisher: (EEGUW) +18 516
Player 2
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