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Player 1
#player1 Morris_Greenberg Morris Greenberg
#player2 Ted_Blevins Ted Blevins
>Morris_Greenberg: DEILNRT 8C TENDRIL +68 68
>Ted_Blevins: AEILORV F1 OVERLAI. +72 72
#note Darn, he blocked EXPE(N)dER.
>Morris_Greenberg: ?EEEPRX 1A REEXP.sE +266 334
>Ted_Blevins: ARWZ - +0 72
#note Ted was kind of forced to challenge.
>Morris_Greenberg: CEJMRTU 5D MU.CT +18 352
#note Just to be extra safe, no insane double-doubles.
>Ted_Blevins: ARWZ 3C WAR.Z +54 126
>Morris_Greenberg: DEEGJRU 2H REJUDGE +116 468
#note Misscored as 114.
>Ted_Blevins: AGILNOT - +0 126
#note Challenged again.
>Morris_Greenberg: AEFHINT 1N FA +20 488
#note I didn't really want to block this lane because I was now going for the record, but I couldn't see anything close that didn't block it.
>Ted_Blevins: AGILNOT C6 TO.ALING +72 198
#note (I)NTAGLIO
>Morris_Greenberg: BCEHINT 7H BENTHIC +73 561
>Ted_Blevins: AINP 3K PAIN +31 229
>Morris_Greenberg: EEINOOS 4C OI +19 580
#note I managed to miss OOGENIES.
>Ted_Blevins: AFMO 9I FOAM +23 252
>Morris_Greenberg: EEINOSU L9 .OUE +12 592
>Ted_Blevins: GIW 12A WI.G +24 276
>Morris_Greenberg: DEEINSV 13F ENDIVES +70 662
>Ted_Blevins: AQSU A8 SQUA. +51 327
>Morris_Greenberg: HKNORSY 4J YOK +41 703
#note Maybe I should play HON(E)Y to fish for (SQUAW)KER and create a nice S lane. HY(D)RO is also nice.
>Ted_Blevins: AOTY H11 TO.AY +30 357
>Morris_Greenberg: DHLNRSS M6 L.NS +16 719
#note Blocking I(C)EBOATs. However, the better block is SH(O)RLS 10J, to leave D(E)N/(REEXPOsE)D next turn.
>Ted_Blevins: ?ABEIOT 15B OBEsIT. +12 369
>Morris_Greenberg: DHRS 12K H.RDS +15 734
#note I was only 95% sure of H(U)RDS, and I didn't want to phony on this board. Regardless, if I want to go for straight up high score instead of best endgame, (A)DS/(REJUDGE)D/(PAIN)S O1 gets 29 points.
>Morris_Greenberg: (A) +2 736
Player 2
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