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Player 1
#player1 Thomas_Reinke Thomas Reinke
#player2 Charles_Reinke Charles Reinke
>Thomas_Reinke: BCFLPYY 8H FLYBY +40 40
#note Club game, Madison, WI, 3/28/2012. I made a wiseacre comment about not having any vowels here. P.S. check out!
>Charles_Reinke: AEEEEIO -AEEEIO +0 0
>Thomas_Reinke: ?ACEOPT M2 TOECAPs +92 132
#note Scored as 82. The bingo down from the F would have been better.
>Charles_Reinke: DEEEKRV K5 KER.ED +26 26
#note 4K KE(E)VE looks pretty good. If I'm going to play off these letters, might as well do it with L8 YERKED.
>Thomas_Reinke: AEIMRUV I6 VE.ARIUM +68 200
>Charles_Reinke: AEEGISV 13I .AVIE +20 46
#note L1 VIGA is the star play. I looked at the spot, but not hard enough, since I was sort of annoyed at my (mis)fortune at this point.
>Thomas_Reinke: DELQRUU L10 EQU.D +33 233
>Charles_Reinke: DEGGLSS 15H GELDS +41 87
>Thomas_Reinke: AILRRSU 2F RURALIS. +62 295
#note This is the point where Charles is the most pissed.
>Charles_Reinke: GINORST H1 T.OG +21 108
#note I was pretty pissed at this point.
>Thomas_Reinke: CEJNOTZ 4L J.EZ +60 355
>Charles_Reinke: EIINNRS 4A RESININ. +70 178
#note The thought of blocking the O-column with ZINES briefly crossed my mind...
>Thomas_Reinke: ACENNOT O1 CAN.ONET +221 576
#note Scored as 231, this makes up for the 10 point underscore before. Quick quiz: find the other playable bingo.
>Charles_Reinke: ?ADGHIN A1 HoA.DING +158 336
#note Scored as 168. I guess we just like overscoring our triple-triples by 10.
>Thomas_Reinke: AAHMRTU B1 AH +23 599
#note 3A (A)MAH is normally better, but I wanted to keep a scoring tile and leave lines open.
>Charles_Reinke: EIOOOSW C1 WOO. +28 364
>Thomas_Reinke: AMOPRTU 10F POU. +12 611
#note I spent a long time on this, but it's just fine, there's no way to score here.
>Charles_Reinke: BEEIOST M10 BIT. +25 389
#note Probably would have done 3C OBOE had I seen it. I don't think any play wins more than 0%, though.
>Thomas_Reinke: AAMNRTX I2 .X +34 645
>Charles_Reinke: EELOOSW N6 WE +32 421
#note Scored as 31. We were missing a tile in this game so this empties the bag; I made this play knowingly emptying the bag.
>Thomas_Reinke: AAIMNRT 11A MARTIAN +74 719
#note An I was missing from the bag, so Charles' rack of EFLOOST was added to my score. Final recorded score is 739-430.
#rack2 EFLOOST
Player 2
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