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Robert Linn
Robert Linn | Potomac, MD (USA)
1776 / 1887
(Peak: 1961)
Lifetime record
2615-2181-20 (0.545)
Career earnings: $9,104
Avg. score
Annotated Games
See the game Opponent Tourney Date Round Notes Dictionary
ViewJennifer LeePhiladelphia, PA2015-03-014CSW12
ViewMatt CanikNew Orleans, LA2015-01-1720CSW12
ViewJesse DaySCT Weekend Tournament2014-11-221CSW12
ViewMatthew BernardinaNational Scrabble Championship, NY2014-08-0912CSW12
ViewZbigniew WieckowskiNational Scrabble Championship2013-07-204CSW12
ViewEvan BerofskyNational Scrabble Championship2013-07-2011CSW12
ViewDavid KoenigCambridge, MD2012-11-027CSW12
ViewZbigniew WieckowskiNational Scrabble Championship2012-08-119
ViewMatthew BernardinaNational Scrabble Championship2012-08-1114CSW12
ViewChris LipeWashington, DC2012-06-233
ViewChris LipeWashington, DC2012-06-238
ViewQuinn JamesLas Vegas, NV2012-02-185
ViewZbigniew WieckowskiLas Vegas, NV2012-02-1814
ViewZbigniew WieckowskiToronto, ON, Can2011-09-225
ViewJoey MallickNational Scrabble Championship2011-08-0612TWL06
ViewEvans ClinchyNational Scrabble Championship2010-08-0712
ViewDavid Koenig---CSW12
ViewDavid Koenig---CSW12
ViewDavid Koenig---CSW12
ViewDavid Koenig---CSW12
ViewMatt GrahamBig Apple Tournament2007-10-124TWL06
ViewJoe WeinikeBig Apple Tournament2007-10-125TWL06
ViewJoel WapnickCan-Am Match2007-05-192TWL06
ViewTony LeahCan-Am Match2007-05-198TWL06
ViewCraig RowlandCan-Am Match2007-05-1910TWL06
ViewPanupol SujjayakornNational Scrabble Championship2006-08-044TWL06
ViewMark DibattistaNational Scrabble Championship2000-08-067TWL98
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