TWL rating
Dan Wachtell
Dan Wachtell | Brooklyn, NY (USA)
(Peak: 1787)
Lifetime record
288-259-2 (0.526)
Career earnings: $2,180
Avg. score
Annotated Games
See the game Opponent Tourney Date Round Notes Dictionary
ViewRichard Spence28th National Championship Main Event2017-07-221TWL15
ViewScott Appel28th National Championship Main Event2017-07-222TWL15
ViewBruce D Ambrosio28th National Championship Main Event2017-07-223TWL15
ViewJesse Day28th National Championship Main Event2017-07-224TWL15
ViewWill Anderson28th National Championship Main Event2017-07-225TWL15
ViewKathleen Watson28th National Championship Main Event2017-07-228TWL15
ViewSeth Lipkin28th National Championship Main Event2017-07-2210TWL15
ViewJerry Lerman28th National Championship Main Event2017-07-2211TWL15
ViewCharles Reinke28th National Championship Main Event2017-07-2214TWL15
ViewJim Burlant28th National Championship Main Event2017-07-2222TWL15
ViewOrry Swift28th National Championship Main Event2017-07-2228TWL15
ViewJesse Matthews28th National Championship Main Event2017-07-2229TWL15
ViewJoshua SokolBrooklyn, NY2015-03-103TWL06
ViewJoshua SokolBrooklyn, NY2015-03-104TWL06
ViewDonna EisenstadtBrooklyn, NY2014-09-284TWL06
ViewSal PiroBrooklyn, NY2014-09-286TWL06
ViewSean WronaPoughkeepsie, NY2014-03-212TWL06
ViewJoey MallickPoughkeepsie, NY2014-03-214TWL06
ViewStefan RauPoughkeepsie, NY2014-03-217TWL06
ViewSean WronaPoughkeepsie, NY2014-03-2112TWL06
ViewNicholas VasquezBrooklyn, NY2014-01-054TWL06
ViewWill AndersonNew York, NY2012-10-282TWL06
ViewMatthew TunnicliffeEssex, VT2010-11-192TWL06
ViewKate Fukawa-ConnellyEssex, VT2010-11-195TWL06
ViewJoey MallickEssex, VT2010-11-197TWL06
ViewPhil WertheimerPrinceton NJ Main Event2009-03-279TWL06
ViewPhil WertheimerPrinceton NJ Main Event2009-03-2714TWL06
ViewSam RosinTeaneck NJ2009-01-244TWL06
ViewJoshua Sokol---TWL15
ViewMorris Greenberg---TWL06
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