TWL rating
Bruce Ward
Bruce Ward | San Francisco, CA (USA)
1720 / 1616
(Peak: 1839)
Lifetime record
1089-1006-4 (0.520)
Career earnings: $3,530
Avg. score
Annotated Games
See the game Opponent Tourney Date Round Notes Dictionary
ViewCesar Del SolarBerkeley, CA2017-04-024TWL15
ViewCesar Del SolarBerkeley, CA2017-04-026TWL15
ViewCesar Del SolarBerkeley, CA2016-12-046TWL15
ViewJesse DayBest Of The Bay Championship, CA2016-04-104TWL15
ViewChris TallmanCalifornia Open2015-12-188TWL15
ViewRaghuram JonnalageddaCalifornia Open2015-12-1819TWL15
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2015-12-062TWL15
ViewJesse DaySan Jose, CA2015-10-183TWL15
ViewJoey KrafchickLas Vegas, NV2015-08-076TWL15
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2015-07-193TWL15
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2015-02-081TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarBerkeley, CA2015-02-082TWL06
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2014-10-052TWL06
ViewJoshua SokolLas Vegas, NV2014-07-1810TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarCalifornia Open2013-11-229TWL06
ViewTasha AsberryCalifornia Open2013-11-2213TWL06
ViewWill AndersonCalifornia Open2013-11-2217TWL06
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2013-01-061TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarBerkeley, CA2012-11-112TWL06
ViewNigel PeltierCalifornia Open2012-11-0220TWL06
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2012-05-132
ViewNoah WaltonBerkeley, CA2012-02-053TWL06
ViewNoah WaltonBerkeley, CA2012-01-283TWL06
ViewNoah WaltonBerkeley, CA2012-01-288TWL06
ViewConrad Bassett-BouchardBerkeley, CA2012-01-081
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2012-01-083
ViewJames LeongCalifornia Open2011-10-2814TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarCalifornia Open2010-10-2915TWL06
ViewDave WiegandReno, NV Main Event2010-07-021TWL06
ViewLaurie CohenReno, NV Main Event2010-07-022TWL06
ViewJim BurlantReno, NV Main Event2010-07-025TWL06
ViewRafi SternReno, NV Main Event2010-07-0212TWL06
ViewDave WiegandReno NV Main Event2009-01-176TWL06
ViewNathan BenedictReno NV Early Bird2007-01-122TWL06
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