TWL rating
Jack Norman
Jack Norman | CA (USA)
(New peak)
Lifetime record
117-58-0 (0.669)
Career earnings: $450
Avg. score
Annotated Games
See the game Opponent Tourney Date Round Notes Dictionary
ViewRobert FenskeNew Orleans, LA2018-01-131TWL15
ViewTracy BowmanNew Orleans, LA2018-01-132TWL15
ViewWes EddingsNew Orleans, LA2018-01-133TWL15
ViewBen SchoenbrunNew Orleans, LA2018-01-1312TWL15
ViewCarl JohnsonNew Orleans, LA2018-01-1314TWL15
ViewBen SchoenbrunNew Orleans, LA2018-01-1317TWL15
ViewCarl JohnsonNew Orleans, LA2018-01-1319TWL15
ViewCarl JohnsonNew Orleans, LA2018-01-1320TWL15
ViewConrad Bassett-BouchardBerkeley, CA2018-01-071TWL15
ViewEdward De GuzmanBerkeley, CA2018-01-072TWL15
ViewLeesa BerahovichBerkeley, CA2018-01-073TWL15
ViewKevin FraleyBerkeley, CA2018-01-074TWL15
ViewPaul MishkinBerkeley, CA2018-01-075TWL15
ViewConrad Bassett-BouchardBerkeley, CA2018-01-076TWL15
ViewPaul MishkinBerkeley, CA2017-12-311TWL15
ViewJerry LermanBerkeley, CA2017-12-312TWL15
ViewRobin LevinBerkeley, CA2017-12-313TWL15
ViewLeesa BerahovichBerkeley, CA2017-12-314TWL15
ViewVicky JulianBerkeley, CA2017-12-315TWL15
ViewJerry LermanBerkeley, CA2017-12-316TWL15
ViewKC FrodymaBerkeley, CA2013-09-083TWL06
ViewJoshua Sokol24th National Championship Main Event2013-07-2019TWL06
ViewMorris Greenberg24th National Championship Main Event2013-07-2021TWL06
ViewJohn KarrisBerkeley, CA2013-01-061TWL06
ViewRobin LevinBerkeley, CA2013-01-062TWL06
ViewIsaac ApindiBerkeley, CA2013-01-063TWL06
ViewEmely WeissmanBerkeley, CA2013-01-064TWL06
ViewMary Aline StevensBerkeley, CA2013-01-065TWL06
ViewMary Aline StevensBerkeley, CA2013-01-066TWL06
ViewJesse Day---
ViewJoshua Sokol---TWL15
ViewJoshua Sokol---TWL06
ViewEdward De Guzman---
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