TWL rating
Chris Patrick Morgan
Chris Patrick Morgan | San Francisco, CA (USA)
1825 / 1619
(Peak: 1884)
Lifetime record
928-886-12 (0.512)
Career earnings: $4,453
Avg. score
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Annotated Games
See the game Opponent Tourney Date Round Notes Dictionary
ViewCesar Del SolarBerkeley, CA2016-06-053TWL15
ViewCesar Del SolarBerkeley, CA2016-05-012TWL15
ViewCesar Del SolarCrescent City Cup2016-01-165TWL15
ViewJesse DayCrescent City Cup2016-01-1612TWL15
ViewTasha AsberryCrescent City Cup2016-01-1620TWL15
ViewCesar Del SolarSan Jose, CA2015-10-185TWL15
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2015-10-041CSW15
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2015-10-042CSW15
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2015-07-191TWL15
ViewMatt CanikCrescent City Cup2015-01-179CSW12
ViewJoshua SokolLas Vegas, NV2014-07-1817TWL06
ViewJesse DayLos Angeles, CA2014-03-295TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarLos Angeles, CA2014-03-296TWL06
ViewRafi SternLos Angeles, CA2014-03-2911TWL06
ViewBrett HaughneyCrescent City Cup2014-01-1816TWL06
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2013-11-031CSW12
ViewConrad Bassett-BouchardArcata, CA2013-10-261TWL06
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2013-10-063CSW12
ViewAdam GinzbergBerkeley, CA2013-09-081TWL06
ViewJoey Mallick24th National Championship Main Event2013-07-208TWL06
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2013-06-025TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarBerkeley, CA2013-02-103TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarBerkeley, CA2013-01-263TWL06
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2013-01-264TWL06
ViewEric CahaninCrescent City Cup2013-01-193TWL06
ViewJesse DayCrescent City Cup2013-01-196TWL06
ViewJesse DayCrescent City Cup2013-01-1918TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarBerkeley, CA2012-11-113TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarBerkeley, CA2012-10-076TWL06
ViewJerry LermanBerkeley, CA2012-08-054TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarBerkeley, CA2012-07-212CSW12
ViewConrad Bassett-BouchardBerkeley, CA2012-07-213CSW12
ViewCesar Del SolarSan Diego, CA2012-04-274TWL06
ViewNoah WaltonBerkeley, CA2012-02-054TWL06
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2012-01-284
ViewKate Fukawa-ConnellyRevere, MA2011-06-043TWL06
ViewJesse DayArcata, CA2011-03-195TWL06
ViewJesse DayBerkeley, CA2010-12-052TWL06
ViewJim BurlantOregon Tile2010-04-301TWL06
ViewDave WiegandReno, NV Main Event2010-01-1613TWL06
ViewJoey MallickReno, NV Main Event2010-01-1616TWL06
ViewJim BurlantCalifornia Open2009-10-301TWL06
ViewRaghuram JonnalageddaCalifornia Open2009-10-302TWL06
ViewJerry LermanBerkeley, CA2009-10-046TWL06
ViewJoey MallickReno NV Main Event2009-01-1714TWL06
ViewEdward De GuzmanSan Jose CA2008-04-207TWL06
ViewEdward De GuzmanClayton CA2008-03-303TWL06
ViewDave WiegandReno NV Main Event2008-01-199TWL06
ViewNathan BenedictReno NV Main Event2007-07-027TWL06
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