TWL rating
Scott Garner
Scott Garner | Memphis, TN (USA)
1896 / 1811
(New peak)
Lifetime record
607-468-8 (0.564)
Career earnings: $3,790
Avg. score
Annotated Games
See the game Opponent Tourney Date Round Notes Dictionary
ViewMina LeNorth American Scrabble Championship2017-07-228CSW15
ViewRyan FischerNorth American Scrabble Championship2017-07-2214CSW15
ViewEvans ClinchyCrescent City Cup2017-01-144CSW15
ViewEvans ClinchyCrescent City Cup2015-01-172CSW12
ViewMatt CanikCrescent City Cup2015-01-178CSW12
ViewRichard Spence25th National Championship Main Event2014-08-092TWL06
ViewJesse Day25th National Championship Main Event2014-08-093TWL06
ViewCharles Reinke25th National Championship Main Event2014-08-099TWL06
ViewMatt Canik25th National Championship Main Event2014-08-0911TWL06
ViewWill Anderson25th National Championship Main Event2014-08-0912TWL06
ViewThomas Reinke25th National Championship Main Event2014-08-0913TWL06
ViewCesar Del Solar25th National Championship Main Event2014-08-0924TWL06
ViewCesar Del Solar24th National Championship Main Event2013-07-203TWL06
ViewJoey Mallick24th National Championship Main Event2013-07-2011TWL06
ViewJesse Day24th National Championship Main Event2013-07-2026TWL06
ViewThomas Reinke24th National Championship Main Event2013-07-2029TWL06
ViewMatt Canik24th National Championship Main Event2013-07-2031TWL06
ViewJoey KrafchickKnoxville, TN2013-06-158TWL06
ViewJoey KrafchickKnoxville, TN2013-06-1510TWL06
ViewJesse DayCrescent City Cup2013-01-195TWL06
ViewJoey MallickAlbany, NY2012-06-298
ViewWill AndersonAlbany, NY2012-06-299
ViewMatt CanikDallas Open2012-03-1614
ViewJesse DayCrescent City Cup2012-01-1410
ViewKate Fukawa-ConnellyCrescent City Cup2012-01-1411
ViewConrad Bassett-BouchardCrescent City Cup2012-01-1415TWL06
ViewJim BurlantCrescent City Cup2012-01-1416TWL06
ViewJesse DayCrescent City Cup2012-01-1418
ViewJoey MallickCrescent City Cup2012-01-1420
ViewRyan FischerAtlanta, GA2011-09-039TWL06
ViewRyan FischerAtlanta, GA2011-09-0319TWL06
ViewMatt Canik22nd National Championship Main Event2011-08-0622
ViewJoey KrafchickKnoxville, TN2011-06-182TWL06
ViewRyan FischerKnoxville, TN2011-06-183TWL06
ViewRyan FischerKnoxville, TN2011-06-1812TWL06
ViewRyan FischerAlpharetta, GA2010-09-0413TWL06
ViewRyan FischerKnoxville, TN2010-06-194TWL06
ViewJoey MallickArden Cup2010-05-299TWL06
ViewSteve HartsmanArden Cup2010-05-2919TWL06
ViewSteve HartsmanElmhurst, IL2009-11-285TWL06
ViewWinterElmhurst IL2008-11-294TWL06
ViewTasha Asberry---TWL06
ViewTasha Asberry---TWL06
ViewTasha Asberry---CSW12
ViewTasha Asberry---TWL06
ViewTasha Asberry---TWL06
ViewTasha Asberry---TWL06
ViewTasha Asberry---CSW12
ViewTasha Asberry---TWL06
ViewTasha Asberry---CSW12
ViewTasha Asberry---TWL06
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