TWL rating
Roy Kamen
Roy Kamen | Covina, CA (USA)
(Peak: 1838)
Lifetime record
1113-1005-12 (0.525)
Career earnings: $4,940
Avg. score
Annotated Games
See the game Opponent Tourney Date Round Notes Dictionary
ViewJoey Mallick28th National Championship Main Event2017-07-223TWL15
ViewCharles Reinke28th National Championship Main Event2017-07-2213TWL15
ViewJoey KrafchickCalifornia Open2016-12-0919TWL15
ViewDavid Turissini27th National Championship2016-08-0619TWL15
ViewJackson Smylie27th National Championship2016-08-0623TWL15
ViewDavid Turissini27th National Championship2016-08-0629TWL15
ViewJesse DayMonrovia, CA2015-03-284TWL06
ViewJesse DayMonrovia, CA2015-03-2812TWL06
ViewNoah WaltonCalifornia Open2014-10-318TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarCalifornia Open2014-10-3114TWL06
ViewJoey Mallick25th National Championship Main Event2014-08-097TWL06
ViewMatthew Tunnicliffe25th National Championship Main Event2014-08-098TWL06
ViewRichard Spence25th National Championship Main Event2014-08-0922TWL06
ViewRafi Stern25th National Championship Main Event2014-08-0924TWL06
ViewCharles Reinke25th National Championship Main Event2014-08-0925TWL06
ViewJim Burlant25th National Championship Main Event2014-08-0927TWL06
ViewConrad Bassett-BouchardLos Angeles, CA2014-03-293TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarLos Angeles, CA2014-03-2913TWL06
ViewPaul SidorskyCalgary, AB2013-10-041TWL06
ViewMatthew LarocqueCalgary, AB2013-10-034TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarGlendale, CA2013-09-152TWL06
ViewJoey Mallick24th National Championship Main Event2013-07-204TWL06
ViewEric TranLas Vegas, NV2013-02-161TWL06
ViewEric TranLas Vegas, NV2013-02-161TWL06
ViewJesse DayLas Vegas, NV2013-02-163TWL06
ViewNoah WaltonCalifornia Open2012-11-025TWL06
ViewMike FrentzCalifornia Open2012-11-029TWL06
ViewKevin Leeds23rd National Championship Main Event2012-08-1121TWL06
ViewJames LeongCalifornia Open2011-10-288TWL06
ViewCesar Del SolarCalifornia Open2011-10-2816TWL06
ViewJesse DayCalifornia Open2011-10-2819TWL06
ViewDave WiegandCalifornia Open2010-10-297TWL06
ViewJohn Dalton21st National Championship2010-08-0725TWL06
ViewDave WiegandCalifornia Open2009-10-307TWL06
ViewDave WiegandCalifornia Open2009-10-3019TWL06
ViewJason IdalskiAlbany NY Main Event2008-12-3111TWL06
ViewJason IdalskiAlbany NY Main Event2008-12-3122TWL06
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