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Greg Heidler
Greg Heidler | Waialua, HI (USA)
(Peak: 1830)
Lifetime record
1116-949-13 (0.540)
Career earnings: $8,038
Avg. score
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Annotated Games
See the game Opponent Tourney Date Round Notes Dictionary
ViewJoey KrafchickNewark, DE (Madness)2014-08-1511TWL06
ViewJoey KrafchickNewark, DE (Madness)2014-08-1512TWL06
ViewMatt CanikNewark, DE (Madness)2014-08-1529TWL06
ViewMatt CanikNewark, DE (Madness)2014-08-1530TWL06
ViewThomas ReinkeNational Scrabble Championship, NY2014-08-0919TWL06
ViewCharles ReinkeNational Scrabble Championship, NY2014-08-0923TWL06
ViewJoshua SokolAlbany, NY2014-01-0113TWL06
ViewJesse DayNational Scrabble Championship2013-07-203TWL06
ViewJoey MallickNational Scrabble Championship2013-07-2010TWL06
ViewThomas ReinkeNational Scrabble Championship2013-07-2016TWL06
ViewCharles ReinkeNational Scrabble Championship2013-07-2027TWL06
ViewMatt CanikNational Scrabble Championship2012-08-1119
ViewJoey KrafchickAlbany, NY2012-06-2916
ViewBrian CappellettoDallas Open2007-03-0915TWL06
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